made his first ever best friend last August.


went from sitting on the sidelines to being part of a team.


never felt comfortable on stage until the camp talent show.


didn't sit alone at the lunch table any more.

CampLauncher provides camp scholarship (“camperships”) to children and young adults with high-cognitive autism spectrum diagnoses (“ASD”) and related social communication profiles. Our partner camps help participants reach their potential by imparting critical social and life skills, facilitating independence and self-confidence, and forging deep and lasting relationships.

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Who Are CampLauncher Campership Recipients?

CampLauncher recipients are neurodiverse individuals with diagnoses indicating impacted social communication development; Individuals may carry diagnoses of ASD, ADHD, NVLD, Asperger’s, Social-Communication Disorder, or similar profiles. CampLauncher recipients strive to learn and practice social-emotional skills in milieu-based settings, specifically specialized summer camps, where they can develop and follow their self-determination to form social bonds and engage more successfully in the world around them.

Why Summer Camp Scholarships?

Summer camps, which are intentional, immersive, structured, and supportive communities, are uniquely effective at igniting and accelerating social and emotional fluency.

These 21st Century Skills fostered at camp are a catalyst for a fulfilling and productive life, both personally and professionally. They unlock the incredible potential campers have to connect with others and to apply their much-needed talents to the global workforce.