Campership Application - Instructions

Thank you for your interest in a CampLauncher Campership (financial aid). Applications will not be reviewed unless all required documents are attached and the application form is complete.

  • Completed Campership Application (this document)
  • Copy of most recent applicable IRS 1040 Forms with all schedules and W-2s
  • Last 2 pay stubs for each working family member living in the household
  • SI Income Letter, disability statement or other proof of income as applicable
  • Any additional supporting documentation (e.g., bank statements, investment accounts)

If you receive program funding from sources outside CampLauncher such as district payments or grants, you MUST report them to CampLauncher. We will consider your outside awards as a part of the overall financial aid award decision and may adjust your award amount.

Important information regarding Campership Financial Aid:
Qualification for Aid

Financial aid is awarded based upon the availability of resources and applicant qualifications. Financial aid is based on several different criteria including family income, size of family, etc. Submittal of financial aid application does not guarantee aid. Financial aid will be awarded after the applicant has been accepted to the partnership camp program.

Returning Applicants

CampLauncher gives priority to returning campers, as we adhere passionately to the notion that ongoing and sequential camp experiences underscore the value of camp, as it becomes exponentially more valuable to campers year after year. Returning Campers, however MUST submit a new financial aid application each year (September – August). We reserve the right to ask for updated tax information after April 15th to make a final determination for financial aid requests.

Applicants Over 18

If the applicant lives with a parent/legal guardian, we require that both the participant and the parents/legal guardians provide financial documentation; otherwise, the financial aid application will be considered incomplete. If the applicant does not live with a parent/guardian, CampLauncher staff will need to determine the nature of the financial relationship of the parent and child. Please specify any financial or material support (e.g., below-market rent, groceries, utilities payments, tuition support, monthly cash support) that the applicant receives from family or others under the “additional consideration” section.