2019-2020 Donors

Thanks for joining us! With your support, we’ve been able to offer camperships for neurodiverse children to attend summer camp programs specifically designed for their social growth. Our campers have discovered a newfound self-confidence while learning life skills such as personal responsibility, collaboration and executive functioning. Just as important, they’ve gained a sense of connection with their peers.

There is no greater gift than yours, launching these children on a positive path towards a happy, fulfilling and productive adult life.

Together, let’s reach the stars!


Camp Launcher ($5,000 and above)
Anonymous *
JJ and Deb Allaire
Weingarten Family Foundation *

Hero Maker ($1,000 - $4,999)
Christine and Peter Febo
Helene and Michael Freidman
Carolyn and David Jeppsen
Amy and Evan Lieberman
Peter and Alyson Muzila *
Richard and Janet Seide *
Sharon Stein
Thompson Family Fund
Charles & Carol Webb
Bonnie Welsch
Wolfson Family Foundation, Inc. *

Squad Builder ($500 - $999)
Anonymous *
Matthew Abrams
Myrna Cohen *
Judith Englund
Brad Fishman
Deb Grady
Carolyn Jeppsen *
Stuart Pergament
Kirk Vosbikian Foundation

Camp Driver ($100 -$499)
Andrew Ancone
Ankorian Family
Nirilla Anthonimuthu
Shelly Berens
Andrew Berman
William Birck
Jeff Bloch
Joanna Brown
Swayze Brumfield
Thomas Burns
Gordon Fuchsbaum
Robert Carr
Charles Clark
Connor Family
Gregory Davis
Ken Davis
Dolotta Family
Rebecca Duseau
Michelle Farrar
Eileen Foley
Peter Flynn
Susan Frieden
Laurie Gerber
Thom Gilday
Giles Family
Jessica Greenfield
Scott Grillo
Herold Family
Deb and Mia Jacoby-Twigg
Chris Johnson
Khetani Family
Jane Kim
Label Daddy
Joella and John Lykouretzos
Andrew Magenheim
Jeffrey Maiuzzo
Joseph Marrow *
Scott Mazius
Beth McCormack
Maurice McFadden
Mary McGehee
McFann Family
Mueller Family
Laura Neiman
Valerie Nelson
Odenkirk Family
O'Keeffe Family
Tal Oren
Margaret Pasulka
Stuart Pergament
Lynn Pollock
Politi Family
Pamela Probst
Ricciardi Family
Liz Ruderman
Todd Ruderman
Gregory and Regina Salathe
Steven Sanderman
Joan & Alain Sasson
Shade-Shell Family
Allison Sriver
Andrew Shapiro
Stone Family
Amy Tinagero
Tucker Family
Ann Turry
Andrea Valente
Robert Verrone
Adriana Vlasic
Vogl Family
Wasley Family
Waxman Family
Tricia Webner
Yael Weinman

Camp Circle ($5 - $99)
Anonymous *
Ravi Amaravadi
Valerie Baxter
Eugene Barretta
Renee Bernstein
Tad Bohannon
Janice Borsh
Marcella Branca
Cindy Chao
Clouse Family
John Cohen
JC Conklin
Susan Crown
Claire Fazio
Fearon Family
Laurie Feinzimer
Donald & Ruth Frantz
Lisa Frazier
William Fulmer
Caroline Gentile
Lisa Gillstrom
Goldenberg Family
Linsey Goldman
Richard & Lisa Hall
John Hirsch
Kessely Hong
Greta Jernstedt
Cameron Kagy
Michele Keith
Komishock Family
Melissa LaGoy
Lee Legault
Thomas Lynn
Kevin MacPherson
Thomas Manning
Kyla Marsh
Natalie Marten
Mary McGehee
McManus Family
Mihal Family
Mittleman Family
Mohamed Family
Linda Boucher-Mondale
Alissa Nadler
Sunnanda Narayanan
Daniel Perlmutter
Virginia Peschke
Kerry Phillips
Shelley Quandt
William Radmore
Richardson Family
Jenny Rufo
Russo Family
Steven Sanderman
Donna & Allan Savage
Scull & Sweep
Christopher Sias
Ellen Sibley
Elizabeth Sokolov
Spaulding Family
Kimberly Taylor
Mindy Tracy
Taylor Family
Kimberley Tempas
Thomas Family
Ann Turry
Jacoby-Twigg Family
Sara Verrone
Watrous Family
Weaver Family
Edward Webb
Kristin Wilson

* = CampLauncher board members